How the 13 Colonies came to be. The passage of The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party, and America is ripe to revolt against The British.

Shots are fired and The Revolutionary War begins.

One of my all time faves. A 50 minuter. Excellent to ponder the debate over removing Confederate Statues. ↠ ↠↠↠↠↠↠

Heads-up...This one starts with a cuss word.

This may not link you directly to the episode you should view. Find the episode titled, "41 shots". In 1999, the unarmed, Amadou Diallo, was shot 41 times by undercover police officers. They were found not guilty. It is a helpful documentary to show how The Media can be used to strategize.

A 3:27 video that will walk you through the history of The Black Lives Matter Movement.

Alicia Garza, co-founder of The Black Lives Matter Movement, answering the retort, "All lives matter."

Katie Couric again, whose short documentaries are awesome, explores political correctness. Will get you thinking about censorship and Cancel Culture.

A way to push for police accountability. Based on this case, legislator's in Buffalo, NY, passed a law in her name that makes it part of a police officer's duty to intervene when they see a fellow officer /colleague go "beyond what is reasonable" in their encounters with someone.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, American author and journalist, answers the question: Why can't White People use the word Nigger?

Schools and neighborhoods are more racially segregated now than ever before. Here's a mother/daughter duo that decided to "be part of the solution" for change.