Using Maps
to Unmask

The Middle Passage Import/Export Route until 1808, when The International Slave Trade was banned.

This is useful in understanding how each state earned its income.

Map of The 13 Colonies during The Revolutionary War= America's fight with England to gain their independence.

Very helpful animated map. You can watch the country grow and see how the debate between slaves states and free states led to America's Civil War.

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The Mason-Dixon Line.

Boundary divided in 1767. Separates The North from The South.

It marked the difference between The Slave States and The Free States. When people refer to "The Jim Crow South", they mean below The Mason-Dixon.

Indian Removal Act under President Andrew Johnson. May 28, 1830.

Secession of The Confederate States of America. South Carolina was the first to leave on December 20, 1860. Mississippi followed six months later. Then, nine more.

Civil War.

Secession means to formally withdrawal/leave/exit.

6 million Southern Blacks on the move to escape lynchings, injustice, and Jim Crow Laws. In search of equal and safe opportunities.

Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Maps. America expands. 1870- 1890. Westward Expansion.

Mandatory Japanese-American Relocation Centers and Internment Caps during WWII.

120,000 Japanese were forced to leave their homes.

This map represents March-August 1942.