I've never met a cornbread I don't like. The most reliable homemade recipe comes directly from the Alber's Brand cornbread box. You can find this orange box at any standard grocery store. 

Just the batter can be placed on top of a savory dish for an instantly delicious casserole.

Spread the batter on top of chili, some pork mixture, any stewy type thing, and bake in the oven. 

George Washington was a notoriously fussy eater. He'd rather have a hoe cake (a corn pancake) than the fancy Congressional dinners he was expected to host every week. 

Most definitely a fancier version than the classic hoecake. This recipe is delicious and makes a lot. The batter freezes well. You can also always make them all, then freeze some to pop in the microwave as needed.

 Top with syrup, jam, or whatever else you think may be delicious 

 Often what I request for my birthday. Excellent for a brunch party too. 

 Crumbly, so eat over a napkin.

 The British own the 13 colonies. Let's have some afternoon tea.

 This the best basic scone recipe. Mix in whatever you like (ideas are at the bottom); you can even go savory with some cheddar and chopped up bacon.

 A food processor totally is not necessary; you can use your hands or a spoon to keep stirring (a ball will form). 

Just be sure that your butter is frozen. TIP: Grate the butter into the flour with a cheese grater.

Note: You can always sub vanilla yogurt in a baked good that calls for sour cream; it lowers the saturated fat content. 

 The French become allies with America and help us win The Revolutionary War.

Pierre Charles L'Enfant Designs Washington, D. C. 

Watch the video to see how this is made. You can use the same technique to put anything you want inside. It's a terrific appetizer.

 A fave combo of mine is: brie, pesto, dried cranberries, and hazlenuts. 

Between 1820 - 1860, 1/3 of American immigrants came from Ireland

I've only made The Shillelagh. It made my eyes smile. 

Oh, Mymymymymymymy!

 Dinner worthy. 

 You could do the same thing with a bag of frozen tater tots. Just don't add the toppings until they have cooked for 15 minutes (follow directions on the tot bag for cooking time).

You can so cheat with this recipe by using Everything Bagel Seasoning (Trader Joe's. Vons/Safeway has a version too).

 Cutting the bagels is difficult. Serrated knives work best for this. You can also buy Bagel Thins (in the bread section) if your store sells them. 

Never underestimate the cinnamon/sugar combo.

 She'll give you other ideas for fillings. 

A fun recipe for people who like to play with dough. 

 I always add a Peanut Butter.

A terrific vessel for leftover chicken, beef, or pork. Load with any veggie you love. 

I haven't made this recipe, but have used the technique for baking fortunes in cupcakes. 

 It's a fun way to ring in The New Year. Bring them to a party!

The brownie was invented in America. It came in a to-go lunch for tourists staying at The Palmer Hotel, during Chicago's World's Fair in 1893. 

The only brownie recipe you will ever need. Less sugar is just fine (I usually cute by 1/2 cup). Mix up the types of chips you put inside.

Since we're on chocolate, this is the only chocolate cake recipe you will ever need

Yum. Put it on a bagel, English muffin,  baguette, pita, or crust. Top with cheese and any topping you desire. 

↞ Not pizza, however, Italiano! Very easy to make. Roast some broccoli and mix into your final product for an elegant(ish) meal.   Very very rich. 

It's a battle for the title of Whoopie Pie Inventor. 

 They are also called "gobs".

The winner for Taste in my tummy is here. Use the marshmallow cream (aka fluff). 

 Any cake mix flavor you desire. You can also roll in sprinkles.

 Consider wrapping each completed pie in plastic wrap and placing them in the freezer; that version is incredible.

 Put some in a cute tin and give em' away to your neighbors. 

Serve your mini meatloafs and mashed with peas for an addictive combo. Total comfort food. 

Fun Fact: The Inventor of The Frito was a healthfood devotee. 

Frito's original mascot, The Frito Bandito, caused controversy. Read to see how the company handled it. 

Founded in 1941. 

Note: Any chocolate chip/sugar cookie recipe can be turned into a bar simply by spreading the batter in a 9 by 13 pan- what you would bake brownies in.

Hawaii obtained its statehood in 1959. 

Does the pop of a can of biscuits ever stop being a thrill? ↠ No.

Click on the box, then scroll down to watch the 1980s commercial. 

Lefty- The Hamburger Helper mascot- has his own Hip Hop Mix Tape. Click and scroll for a listen. 

In this recipe, you can use orzo rather than elbow mac if you desire it to seem more rissoty.  

 Also, add veggies to get your minerals on.  Sautee' them in while you are browning the meat. 

The perfect dessert with this. .

Works dynamite frozen in popsicle molds. 

 In 1994, Toaster Strudel wanted to take over the convenience breakfast market.

 The went right for Pop Tarts' personality in their ad campaign. 

The glaze recipe included would take any vanilla/lemon bundt cake situation to another level. 

Fun to look at. I haven't made any of them. 

Spanky's Morning Smoothie Bowl

 She subs 1 tsp. of creamy peanut butter for the PB powder and tops with flaked coconut.