Get Involved


Help Living History Revolution Obtain a Fiscal Sponsorship ➡️ I can assemble a passionate team of presenters, who can visit local schools as the people in history. Libraries too. (Psstttt.....I can also get tech help)

Teaching Opportunities

Allow me to teach an American History Class at a community college or neighborhood college ➡️ Students obtain college credit for their service ➡️ They become visitors from the past in a history class at a public middle school or high school close by OR ➡️ Host a Living History event, at the end of the semester (on-campus/ a library/community center?), where the community can meet everyone at once.

Specialized Programs

Support implementing this program in a prison ➡️ Participants will practice research, writing, interviewing, and public speaking skills ➡️ Perform as important people in the past for one another.

Spread the Word

Connect me to upstanding curriculum developers ➡️ We can build and fine-tune necessary curriculums and try them out in willing classrooms.

Research & Activity Resource

Pass on the website to middle school, high school, and college teachers ➡️ Students can use it for research and development ➡️ I can help them build and/or provide activities for ways to use it. Happy to gallop in as a lecturer.