Living History Revolution

Meeting America's past to demand social justice now.

How does this site work?

It's a source for information. All of it is organized chronologically.

The Class Samples' page has a couple of quick video excerpts from The Living History Revolution class itself (see About page for details). I have also provided several script previews there. Contact me if you would like to obtain more and/or receive the whole shebang.

Your researchable info is in the dropdown bar under the heading "Resources".

Each box of the Historical Timeline will lead you to a- something that was going on in America. The Maps' page will help you watch the country grow. Each person (People page) was around during events in the timeline.

The Videos' page works in the same way, except, towards the end, there are videos that discuss terms and solutions to the quest for equality. NOTE: Several come from Netflix; you may not have a subscription. Sorry.

Recipes - Also a timeline. Cooking American History. They've all been tested. Most have been made with kids, as young as Eight. Fun facts with hard-to-fail recipes.

Information will be updated, so keep coming back.